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Tue Jul 24 06:05:56 EDT 2001

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>Subject: Re: alternate identity

>a page of photographs of people on the list.  For that matter, if
>anyone who's interested sends me a biography or anything they

you can read a rather recently-penned bio of me at the first URL below (i'm 
fourth from the top.) however, it's mostly not pertinent to DWJ. =) also, 
the accompanying picture, as you'll soon discover, is not a terribly good 
likeness. the second link has a rather decent picture of me, although i've 
since cut my hair. you can also get an idea what i  used to be paid to do, 
although it's mostly uncredited (except for my letter to santa!) so i'd have 
to go in and tell you what bits i actually wrote and which not. =)

anyway the reason i'm posting this to the list instead of sending it 
directly to deborah is that these aren't really good for DWJ ML page 
posterity, they're just nice for anyone who might be curious. also, it will 
give you a good idea what i do with my time besides DWJ. although not a 
perfect one.



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