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Tue Jul 24 05:43:34 EDT 2001

>From: "Hallie O'Donovan" <hallieod at indigo.ie>

> >>ferricide/Christian (which would you prefer?)
> >
> >it doesn't really matter. =) people call me either, or both. in
> >fact, both have been steadily bleeding both ways, so that i have a
> >bunch of people on irc calling me christian and people IRL calling
> >me "ferr" or "ferris".  take your pick.
>Does using ferr or ferris increase chances of getting The Story
>Behind the Name? :)  (I'm developing a lovely little Tough
>Guide-esque sword name theory atm, which probably couldn't be more
>wrong if I tried.)

ooh. i'd love to hear this one before i spill the beans. of course, like you 
say, it's probably way off base and most likely rather more interesting than 
the truth. =)

>Yeah, I agree about Zillah's being irritating.  And having main
>characters behave irritatingly works just fine in the kids/YA books,
>because they're still learning, but Zillah's a mother, and we've seen
>all the rotten mothers and what they do to kids in so many of those
>kids/YA books.  Anyway, I've gone on more than enough already about
>why I dislike it. :)

well, let me counter-point here, because something occurred to me. zillah's 
whole entire nature is goverened by her inability to be logical and trained 
-- she acts on instinct. this is an important facet of her power, and since 
i think in DWJ books typically people's power is pretty inextricable from 
the way they themselves ARE, that explains zillah. doesn't make her any less 
annoying, however. =)

>the books that are that early very much.  _Cart and Cwidder_ is the
>only one, I think, without really checking carefully.  (This is of
>course, only "much liking" them within the rank of DWJ books.)

not sure when DB is from. i just read eight days of luke over, which
is 75, as are cart and cwidder and dogsbody (a productive year!) .. looks 
like she had a bit of range going on in that period, too. of course, they 
weren't all necessarily written that year but could've been published 
quickly when one became popular. i've no clue. =) charmed life came out in 
1977, the same year i did. =)

>Ok, time for me to be contrary again.  I love the answers posted, and
>the questions other listees have asked are wonderful, and will
>probably elicit wonderful answers.  BUT, does anyone else feel that
>the "Harry Potter books are very similar to mine" answers were - oh,
>this is hard to put into words - uncalled-for, maybe?

i know what you mean. i don't think she was quite overstepping the bounds of 
believability, but HP1 wasn't really that DWJ-sy to me. in fact, i thought 
it lacked a lot of what makes her books so good. originality.. character 
depth.. =)

i lent charmed life to a big HP fan and he didn't like it. or LoCC. i also 
lent him magicans of caprona and hexwood, but i never heard back. after he 
didn't like the first two, i decided to drop the subject. i also lent CL to 
a different big HP fan friend of mine, but he didn't read it becuase he saw 
it as some sort of challenge by me (since i didn't care for the first HP 
book, and totally failed to read its sequel) so that went down like a lead 
balloon. i think i'll give up trying. =)

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