Religion and fantasy

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Mon Jul 23 12:35:00 EDT 2001

Hi all

I was interested to see from the alternate identity returns that quite a few of those of us on the list have religious beliefs.

I was wondering about how this influences the way you read DWJ (and other fantasy). I haven't read anything DWJ has said about whether she is a Christian, but on the evidence of the books I assume she's not: I can't think of any of her books where the worlds she describes have any kind of benevolent, omniscient and immortal supernatural figure wch might be comparable to the Judeo-Christian God.

Do people think that they read fantasy differently if they have religious beliefs? I'm about halfway through one of Charles Williams' fantasy novels, _The Place of the Lion_, wch has the usual good v. evil plot, but as Williams was a convinced Christian the good and evil are in this case the Biblical heaven and hell - very much as in Lewis' _Out of the Silent Planet_ trilogy. I'm finding the book gripping, but I wonder whether my reaction to it would be different if I were a Christian. Or do we put our own views of the world on hold whilst we read fantasy?

I hope I haven't offended anyone on the list by asking about these matters; I would be very interested in any responses anyone has.



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