Religion and fantasy

Gross Family argross at
Tue Jul 24 00:01:47 EDT 2001

> Rebecca:
> > I occasionally will be upset by an overly religious book...I feel almost
> > alienated, and I know others who feel the same about Lewis, and even
> of
> > Cooper's later books in the Dark is Rising series.

Ania wrote:

> I must say that, while I have respect for people's religious beliefs, it
> rapidly vanishes as soon as anyone preaches at me, either directly or by
> implication. That is not the same as having characters who have a

Yes, I usually react the same way. I adore the Narnian books and Zenna
Henderson's "People" books, but am still uneasy with the preaching inherent
in them. I think these work because the story and the characters are strong,
and because the religious elements have such a strong archetypal power, but
I still don't like the fact that I am being preached at (please note that I
absolutely *love* these books).


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