Religion and fantasy

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Nat wrote
>  Orson Scott
> Card and Diane Duane, are, respectively, devoutly Mormon and Catholic.
> Those are two I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there
> are many many others.

Here's a few more:

Catholic: Tim Powers, Gene Wolfe, Patricia Wrede and Tolkien
              Anne MacCaffrey, lapsed.

Jewish: David Brin, Jack and Joe Haldeman, Sherri Tepper, Joan     
            Vinge, Jane Yolen, Lisa Goldstein (have we ever discussed 
            her books?) and Robert Silverberg

Anglican: (is Episcopalian the same thing?) Marianne Zimmer         
                Bradley, Madelaine L'Engle, C.S. Lewis, Cordwainer       
                Smith, George MacDonald

Baptist: Stephen Lawhead and R.Don Hughes. Octavia Butler was  
           raised Baptist, I believe that is true of Samuel R Delany       
           also (his grandfather was a Baptist minister).

LDS (Mormon): Zenna Henderson, Orson Scott Card, Elizabeth       

Unitarian: Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury (a former baptist) and         
               Frederick Pohl 

Yes, I did a web search, any mistakes aren't mine <g>. Anyone 
got a list of Atheists/ agnostics?

Here's an apposite quote from Connie Willis (what exactly is a 
Lutheran btw):

She was asked whether her religious affiliation afected her writing:

"I think writers have to tell the truth as they know it. On the other 
hand I think every truly religious person is a heretic at heart 
because you can't be true to an established agenda. You have to 
be true to what you think L'Engle and Lewis are sometimes 
apologists for religion rather than writers. i want always to be a 
writer and if religion is what has to go so be it. The story is 

My head's a shed tonight, so I can't think for myself (or if I can I 
can't arrange it in sentences, let alone paragraphs). Thanks for the 
topic Georgia, I hope to be with it soon.


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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