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Mon Jul 23 16:08:32 EDT 2001

Philip said...
> > I say, folks, is anyone collating the results of the questionnaire to
> > what Important Conclusions can be drawn? I am going to have a go when
> > results come in, unless anyone else already began - do tell!
> I was thinking of it, but I'd much rather someone else did.  I think I've
> all the questionnaires, though.

It would be nice if someone did, I think.  I'd offer, but I don't have all
the questionnaires, and I don't have anything even faintly resembling the
time necessary to do it!  But I will be very appreciative of anyone else who
volunteers. :-)
> > Also, what is the policy when it comes to attaching files to posts?
> > lovely picture was accessible via an url, but I wouldn't know how to do
> I don't know that a list policy has ever been needed.  General netiquette
> that unless attached files are _very_ small, don't post them to the list.
> can't be sure that everyone can read them, and anyone who has to pay for
> download time will be annoyed.

I don't know about this list in particular, but I know a lot of e-mail lists
simply don't accept attachments, and delete them before the e-mails ever get
to the listmembers.
> Well, I'm not so sure everyone will want to participate, but...

Am I allowed to ask why you were making faces?  (Or is that just the
lighting?) :-)

For those as wish to see, my pic is on-line at; you'll have to scroll down through the
gallery to find me on the second-last line.  The picture was taken in about
1995, I think, and is slightly out of focus, but will give you a reasonable
notion of my appearance. :-)  (In real, current, life, I am not out of
focus, and my hair is longer!)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can do is
to shut up!"
--Tom Lehrer

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