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Mon Jul 23 13:57:19 EDT 2001

(Apologies if this message arrives twice - I have had to resubscribe to the list as someone broke into my email and deleted my identity ... most unnerving to receive the message "You have no identity" on logging in.)

Hi all

I was interested to see from the alternate identity returns that quite a few of those of us on the list have religious beliefs.

I was wondering about how this influences the way you read DWJ (and other fantasy). I haven't read anything DWJ has said about whether she is a Christian, but on the evidence of the books I assume she's not: I can't think of any of her books where the worlds she describes have any kind of benevolent, omniscient and immortal supernatural figure wch might be comparable to the Judeo-Christian God.

Do people think that they read fantasy differently if they have religious beliefs? I'm about halfway through one of Charles Williams' fantasy novels, _The Place of the Lion_, wch has the usual good v. evil plot, but as Williams was a convinced Christian the good and evil are in this case the Biblical heaven and hell - very much as in Lewis' _Out of the Silent Planet_ trilogy. I'm finding the book gripping, but I wonder whether my reaction to it would be different if I were a Christian. Or do we put our own views of the world on hold whilst we read fantasy?

I hope I haven't offended anyone on the list by asking about these matters; I would be very interested in any responses anyone has.



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