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Mon Jul 23 11:05:28 EDT 2001

On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 Philip.Belben at wrote:
|Better that someone on the list agree to receive pictures and put them on a web
|site for all to look at.
|> that. Can I send an attached jpeg of moi? Or is there a Rogues' Gallery at
|> the HQ? If not, could there be one? I'd love to see everyone's mugshots!
|Well, I'm not so sure everyone will want to participate, but...

well, even though the list of things I have promised to do is still
ridiculously long (a lot of my updates to the page are waiting on
my finishing my project of converting all of my information
about all of the books into an XML database, which will make
formatting changes much easier, but that process has been taking
months and months which is why there have been no updates in so
long) the seems reasonable thing to link from the mailing list
page of my WebSite.  So if people in private email (so I won't
lose was it) send me URLs to photographs you already have online,
or attachments if you have nowhere to put them online,I can make
a page of photographs of people on the list.  For that matter, if
anyone who's interested sends me a biography or anything they
want about themselves, or URL to a page (like SallyO's page,
or anything personal) we can just make a page that has
information and pictures about people on the list who don't mind
having information and pictures about them out there.  How much of a
run on sentence was that?  And that Courtney has access to the
machine and is helping me out, I might even be able to do
this in a timely fashion. ;)

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