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Sat Jul 21 13:14:04 EDT 2001

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001 16:45:14 +0100, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>Ok, time for me to be contrary again.  I love the answers posted, and 
>the questions other listees have asked are wonderful, and will 
>probably elicit wonderful answers.  BUT, does anyone else feel that 
>the "Harry Potter books are very similar to mine" answers were - oh, 
>this is hard to put into words - uncalled-for, maybe?
>I've said before here that I'm not a huge JKR fan at all.   But even 
>with that I wouldn't have thought that she actually copied DWJ, or 
>that her books even have that much similarity to them, really.  And I 
>can certainly see how it would drive her mad to have people implying 
>that she had copied Rowlings!  Still, I was just a little surprised 
>to see the answers in which DWJ said this.  Anyone agree or disagree?

I thought her answers were very generous on this topic.  Every time she
suggests that Rowling was influenced by her (DWJ's) writing, it's in
response to someone who more or less thinks that's true.  In her responses,
it sounded like she was trying to acknowledge that readers might see a
similarity between DWJ and Harry Potter, while still firmly establishing
that those similarities are not malicious or illegal.  The point about
Rowling having been influenced by DWJ's books as a child is simply
commonsense, but not something a lot of non-writers are aware of, which is
why it keeps coming up.  (I know it bugs *me* when people talk about Harry
Potter as though no one had ever thought of such a thing before--I can only
imagine how frustrating it must have been for DWJ!)

I'd be interested to know exactly what aspects of the Harry Potter novels
*she* thinks are strongly similar to hers, though....

Melissa Proffitt
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