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Sat Jul 21 11:45:14 EDT 2001

>>ferricide/Christian (which would you prefer?)
>it doesn't really matter. =) people call me either, or both. in 
>fact, both have been steadily bleeding both ways, so that i have a 
>bunch of people on irc calling me christian and people IRL calling 
>me "ferr" or "ferris".  take your pick.

Does using ferr or ferris increase chances of getting The Story 
Behind the Name? :)  (I'm developing a lovely little Tough 
Guide-esque sword name theory atm, which probably couldn't be more 
wrong if I tried.)

>zillah, as a character, is somewhat irritating, i think is the 
>problem. she just wants to wallow in her own misery and doesn't seem 
>to have any sense or do anything for a good reason, ever. you can 
>forgive mark for acting like a dork since he's only half a person. 
>=) but zillah is somewhat inexcusable. still, i like the whole 
>dynamic of the narrative on arth and the way the girls wreck it.

Yeah, I agree about Zillah's being irritating.  And having main 
characters behave irritatingly works just fine in the kids/YA books, 
because they're still learning, but Zillah's a mother, and we've seen 
all the rotten mothers and what they do to kids in so many of those 
kids/YA books.  Anyway, I've gone on more than enough already about 
why I dislike it. :)

>>I just didn't have that high expectations for _Dogsbody_, for some
>>reason.  So only liking it middling was about what I expected, and
>i was pretty young when i read dogsbody. and being a teenager and 
>from the US, i didn't have a real understanding of the social 
>implications. i just thought it was just DWJ saying "don't be 
>prejudiced!" to the reader, which bugged me. anyway, i'll reread it 
>soon and give you an update. and now i have to reread witch week 
>too, paying special attention to the ending. and i have a couple of 
>other (non DWJ) books stacked up too!

I know.  It's just *terrible* having all these books to read, isn't 
it? :)  Mind you, it's got to be at least a year ago now that I said 
I had to reread SWM and I still haven't got around to it.  And 
actually, I'd probably agree that DB *is* just DWJ saying "don't be 
prejudiced!" to the reader.  With a story.  I think.  Of course, it 
was an early one, and now I'm trying to think if I really like any of 
the books that are that early very much.  _Cart and Cwidder_ is the 
only one, I think, without really checking carefully.  (This is of 
course, only "much liking" them within the rank of DWJ books.)

>>No kidding!  I went and looked through the questions which have built
>>up there since I'd last looked and now can't wait for her next set of
>me either. her answers are great. i hope she gets around to it soon, 
>although she's really busy. i'm also desperately curious about her 
>new book project. IIRC, in the last set of answers she said it was 
>pretty long and another one for adults more than kids. not that i 
>have any complaint, and the way the genres have been blending lately 
>is nice too. i can't wait too see what develops.

Ok, time for me to be contrary again.  I love the answers posted, and 
the questions other listees have asked are wonderful, and will 
probably elicit wonderful answers.  BUT, does anyone else feel that 
the "Harry Potter books are very similar to mine" answers were - oh, 
this is hard to put into words - uncalled-for, maybe?

I've said before here that I'm not a huge JKR fan at all.   But even 
with that I wouldn't have thought that she actually copied DWJ, or 
that her books even have that much similarity to them, really.  And I 
can certainly see how it would drive her mad to have people implying 
that she had copied Rowlings!  Still, I was just a little surprised 
to see the answers in which DWJ said this.  Anyone agree or disagree?


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