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Fiona Haggart F.Haggart at
Fri Jul 20 20:28:35 EDT 2001

Belatedly I thought I'd join the fray...

> Who?  Fiona Haggart

> Where from?  Born near Cambridge, grew up all over the place (middle east,
Cyprus, Africa)

> Where now?  Strangely, back in Cambridge

> How ancient?  32 a fortnight ago

> Any progeny?  Gawd no...! Single and living in hope of one day delighting
my despairing father who still checks me for signs of Spock ears on a
regular basis  ;-), although I have a dependant chinchilla if that counts!

> Religion?  Ostensibly christian, Church of Scotland but I'd call myself a
humanist if there is such a thing

> Occupation?  Office manager for a software company

> First DWJ?  Dogsbody I think, when I was about 7 or 8 (thanks to an
excellent school library), although I think I read Eight Days of Luke around
that time too

> Quintessential DWJ?

Probably Charmed Life, with Archers Goon a close second

> Favourite DWJ?

Deep Secret and Charmed Life, although I like Changeover a lot more now I've
reread it. It's very different but the absurdity of it appeals.

> Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life?

Why put anything off when you can trick someone else into doing it?  ;-)


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