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>ferricide/Christian (which would you prefer?)

it doesn't really matter. =) people call me either, or both. in fact, both 
have been steadily bleeding both ways, so that i have a bunch of people on 
irc calling me christian and people IRL calling me "ferr" or "ferris".  take 
your pick.

>I think it would probably be a very interesting exercise, which might
>induce mental breakdown!  Not to mention the fact that mine would
>probably never stay the same for more than a few minutes at a time.
>I'd love to see other people's though.

yes. it's too difficult. case in point; i just recently recieved the UK 
edition of eight days of luke from read it. i'd read it once 
before and i wasn't crazy about it (middling feeling.) this reread i was 
much, much happier with it. so that would've forced it to shift rankings! i 
think a lot of it depends on mood. of course, there are some tried-and-true 
favorites. oh, and i'm going to have to reread dogsbody now. =)

>I think my dislike of SWM is partly due to the really high
>expectations I had for it.  I read it next after _Deep Secret_, which
>set up huge expectations alone, and I also just *loved* the name.  So
>I thought it was going to be amazing.  Then things started seeming
>similar to DS, but just pale imitations, and when Zillah went flying
>off with her kid (can't remember his name) into huge danger because
>her heart was broken, I came closest to a
>wanting-to-throw-the-book-against-the-wall moment I've ever had with
>DWJ.  Ok, it wasn't all that close, but still. :)

that's funny. originally i read SWM in 1998, the first time i ever ordered 
books from the UK via the internet (i couldn't find it in the US, although 
it may have been out here then, i'm not sure.) i enjoyed it pretty 
thoroughly and read it again a couple of months later. several months after 
that, deep secret came out in the US and i bought (and devoured) it. DS is 
definitely the better book of the two, imo. but since i wasn't set up the 
way you were, i didn't have any problem transitioning. =) and i still like 

zillah, as a character, is somewhat irritating, i think is the problem. she 
just wants to wallow in her own misery and doesn't seem to have any sense or 
do anything for a good reason, ever. you can forgive mark for acting like a 
dork since he's only half a person. =) but zillah is somewhat inexcusable. 
still, i like the whole dynamic of the narrative on arth and the way the 
girls wreck it.

>I just didn't have that high expectations for _Dogsbody_, for some
>reason.  So only liking it middling was about what I expected, and

i was pretty young when i read dogsbody. and being a teenager and from the 
US, i didn't have a real understanding of the social implications. i just 
thought it was just DWJ saying "don't be prejudiced!" to the reader, which 
bugged me. anyway, i'll reread it soon and give you an update. and now i 
have to reread witch week too, paying special attention to the ending. and i 
have a couple of other (non DWJ) books stacked up too!

>No kidding!  I went and looked through the questions which have built
>up there since I'd last looked and now can't wait for her next set of

me either. her answers are great. i hope she gets around to it soon, 
although she's really busy. i'm also desperately curious about her new book 
project. IIRC, in the last set of answers she said it was pretty long and 
another one for adults more than kids. not that i have any complaint, and 
the way the genres have been blending lately is nice too. i can't wait too 
see what develops.

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