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Wed Jul 18 03:00:17 EDT 2001

While I'm feeling manic, jittery and not at all tired...sure, why not
introduce myself?!

Melissa Proffitt
>Where from?
I was born in Portland, Oregon.  Since that time I've lived in Utah,
Colorado, New York (the state, not the city--Syracuse/Liverpool if you want
to be specific), and Texas.  I wish I lived in Vancouver Washington.
>Where now?
Happy Valley--um, I mean, Salt Lake City, UT.  (They really do call it Happy
Valley.  I don't know why.  *I'm* not all that happy to be here.)
>How ancient?
>Any progeny?
I have the same four kids Jacob does.  Big surprise.
>Religion (optional, perhaps, but helps with cultural references etc)
I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka Mormon.  
Full-time mother, homeschooler (and there's more of those here than I'd
thought; maybe we need some kind of "Homeschoolers for DWJ" league),
sometime writer
>First DWJ?
This is harder than it should be.  Technically, it's _Power of Three_, but I
read that once when I was 12 or so and never picked it up again or tried to
find any of her other books.  I apologize to Fen Eatough for ribbing her
about doing the same thing.  :)  The one I consider my first--the first one
where I was aware of DWJ as an author--was _Howl's Moving Castle_.
>Quintessential DWJ?
I've been thinking about this for a couple of days.  I suppose it depends on
what characteristic I consider to be unique to DWJ, huh?  At first I thought
this was an impossible question, but on reflection I think that DWJ's books
do have a certain quality that mark them as hers.  I'm just not sure what it
is.  I'm going to say _The Lives of Christopher Chant_, because it's got 1)
complex universe-building and 2) a flawed but likeable main character whose
flaws 3) directly or indirectly assist the evil forces in their schemes, but
who 4) overcomes these flaws to play a primary role in defeating evil.  Most
of her books are like this (hence the quintessential) but _Lives_ seems most
specifically built along these lines.
>Favourite DWJ?
You mean we have to choose? _Archer's Goon_, _Fire and Hemlock_, and
>Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life.
Nothing I live by provides for the easy life.  But the struggle is worth the

Melissa Proffitt
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