alternate identity

shelly at shelly at
Tue Jul 17 03:57:42 EDT 2001

> Who?
> Where from?
Bristol, UK
> Where now?
Southampton, UK
> How ancient?
27 or 28 - wd have to do the maths to be sure
> Any progeny?
> Religion
no gods
> Occupation?
administrator in sixth-form college at the moment: new job starting in August - admin in social services
> First DWJ?
either Witch Week or Charmed Life
> Favourite DWJ?
Ogre Downstairs
>Quintessential DWJ?
Maybe we shd have a discussion about what the specific things are thar make a DWJ a DWJ - unless this list has already had that conversation
> Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life?
?very strange but I?ll go on looking? - Wodwo


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