dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #334

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Jul 16 18:18:07 EDT 2001

Ven wrote:

>Hallie wrote
>>  See, now I found SWM heavy-handed in the dangers of sexual/sensual
>>  repression message, which seems pretty boring anyway.  Or not boring,
>>  exactly, but just a bit been-done-beforeish.  (But then I'm half Irish, so
>>  maybe the prejudice message in _Dogsbody_ is more palatable to me for that
>>  reason. :))
>Mmm I felt the message in SWM seemed a bit out of date (same
>problem with the gender war stuff in Aunt Maria). Something that I
>appreciated in Dogsbody was that we never actually knew which
>side Kathleen's father was fighting on (tho I guess her name is a
>clue). Btw I'm one eighth Irish, and  have complicated feelings
>about the whole situation there.

Oh, more than a clue, I'd say - I wouldn't have thought there was any 
doubt at all which side he was on.  I don't think that's relevant, 
though.  He's really only one of the absent/useless parents DWJ does 
so often, isn't he?  I wasn't actually making any very serious point 
about the prejudice message, in all fairness - just that one way 
Duffie's nastiness manifests itself is around disliking the Irish. 
If it weren't that, she'd find something else to hold against 
Kathleen.  So it was more flippancy on my part - of the: "Ha!  She 
hates the Irish *and* dogs - and she's Nasty!" variety. :)


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