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Mon Jul 16 06:57:04 EDT 2001

>From: "Hallie O'Donovan" <hallieod at indigo.ie>

>Actually, it got me thinking about how little unanimity there is here
>on favourites or not-so-favourites.  Pity it's so totally hard to
>rank DWJs - it would be interesting to compare most-to-least loved

you know, actually, i was seriously considering doing that. i was going to 
put up a DWJ page.. i've been considering it since like 1997 and i have not 
been able to, as yet. =) i'm too lazy! anyway, i was going to have a book 
ranking on it, at least, *my* book ranking. but i never got around to 
ranking them.
>See, now I found SWM heavy-handed in the dangers of sexual/sensual
>repression message, which seems pretty boring anyway.  Or not boring,
>exactly, but just a bit been-done-beforeish.  (But then I'm half
>Irish, so maybe the prejudice message in _Dogsbody_ is more palatable
>to me for that reason. :))

that's true. it is a message that we've seen before. but it seemed subtler 
than the dogsbody thing. though, it's not that subtle, is it? oh well, i 
guess this will force me to reread dogsbody anyway. it's been languishing on 
my shelf so it probably deserves to be reread by now.

>I haven't read DRH8 for a while, though I liked it when I did.  Did
>you read it in _Minor Arcana_, with the intro where she talks about
>writing it?  It is MA which is slightly different in the US version -
>_Hidden Turnings_, is it?  (Yes, I know I could check the biblio.,
>but too tired right now.)

you know, i can't remember. i don't have minor arcana. i have all of the 
stories in it in other volumes -- warlock at the wheel, everard's ride, and 
believing is seeing, which i paid like $16 for for two stories that i hadn't 
read elsewhere. =) she comments on DRH8 on it in the intro (i just checked) 
but i don't see anything illuminating about its connection to other stories. 
but i *swear* i read somewhere that it is the same universe as hexwood! 
well, if we're lucky, she'll answer my question on dianawynnejones.com and 
we can all find out for sure. =)

>I loved HMC to bits on the first couple of reads, but wasn't sure it
>was more than a fluffy-love.  Then people here posted insights,
>thoughts, feelings about it and I no longer worried about its being
>just fun fluff.  _Castle in the Air_ doesn't do anything like as much
>for me, but I think there are people who much prefer it over Howl.

i like HMC, but i'm not as crazy about it as some people seem to be. it's 
not that i think it's fluff; i just don't go for it (for whatever reason) as 
much as others. but it's definitely an entertaining read. it's pretty 
amsuing, as you said, to see how much the list differs on what the 
best/worst books are!

>Oh wait, I think that answers my question above.  The True State of
>Affairs is in _Minor Arcana_.  Got to admit, I sort of skimmed, and
>haven't felt quite like reading it properly yet.  Too depressing.
>And I'm deeply wimpy about depressing reading.

it's rather depressing, and a lot harder to read than her usual stuff. not 
that it's confusing, but it doesn't have that brisk pace you may be used to. 
it's chunkier and definitely darker. and it's deeply depressing.

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