alternate identity

Sarah Imholt mesarahkanah at
Mon Jul 16 00:57:08 EDT 2001

Ooh, these are always fun.  It's amazing how we circle the globe.

> Who?  --Sarah Imholt
> Where from?  --Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
> Where now?  --Portland, Oregon, USA
> How ancient?  --23
> Any progeny?  --Nope, though I just got a kitten.  She's hell on wheels and
> her name is Alice.
> Religion (optional, perhaps, but helps with cultural references etc)
> --Catholic
> Occupation?  --I teach sixth grade, though in the summer I morph into a
> wedding photographer's assistant.
> First DWJ?  --A Tale of Time City
> Quintessential DWJ?  --Um, Howl's Moving Castle
> Favourite DWJ?  --Fire and Hemlock & Deep Secret
> Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life?  --I've got two quotes:

     Remember that everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.  --Philo
    A life lived in fear is a life half lived.  --Fran's Grandma in Strictly

I need to find the time to comment on more things than myself on this list!

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