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Sun Jul 15 21:29:54 EDT 2001

A while ago we were identifying politicians as Dwj characters.
 I don't think we came up with an appropiate Navis and I kept 
meaning to write that one could well emerge during the 
Conservative leadership contest (it as as I expected a snake fight 
in a shark tank). A video diary by the outgoing leader's campaign 
manager has just been shown -- not at all coincidentally just before 
an important vote. At first people thought this was might be a 
betrayal of her former boss (a mad thing to do in her business) 
instead it highlighted a series of digs at one of the leadership 
candidates, the hateful imo Portillo, which former boss will be 
delighted by. Whether it makes a difference to tomorrows vote 
remains to be seen. 

Navis manipulating a politician near you!


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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