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Sun Jul 15 21:04:14 EDT 2001

Hallie wrote 
> See, now I found SWM heavy-handed in the dangers of sexual/sensual 
> repression message, which seems pretty boring anyway.  Or not boring,
> exactly, but just a bit been-done-beforeish.  (But then I'm half Irish, so
> maybe the prejudice message in _Dogsbody_ is more palatable to me for that
> reason. :))

Mmm I felt the message in SWM seemed a bit out of date (same 
problem with the gender war stuff in Aunt Maria). Something that I 
appreciated in Dogsbody was that we never actually knew which 
side Kathleen's father was fighting on (tho I guess her name is a 
clue). Btw I'm one eighth Irish, and  have complicated feelings 
about the whole situation there.


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