alternate identity

Tarja Rainio vierran at
Sun Jul 15 20:12:09 EDT 2001

> Who? Tarja
> Where from? Helsinki, Finland
> Where now? Helsinki, Finland
> How ancient? 31, will be 32 in December
> Any progeny? none, though I thought of getting a cat, but then found out last
Spring that I'm allergic to cats :(.
> Religion (optional, perhaps, but helps with cultural references etc)
> Agnostic.
> Occupation? university student (should really write my MA thesis) and work
part time in phone sales dept. of local beer&soft drinks company
> First DWJ? Charmed Life
> Quintessential DWJ? Charmed Life
> Favourite DWJ? Hexwood
> Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life? Be tolerant and don't worry too

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