Alternate Identity

Jacob Proffitt Jacob at
Sun Jul 15 19:12:32 EDT 2001

I'm sorry this is so late, but we were on vacation.  Anyway, I'll bite:

Who: Jacob Proffitt
Where from: Complicated question.  I've lived in most of the Western
United States.  If you go by where I spent High School then you'd have
to say Phoenix, Arizona.  The home of my heart is Western Washington
state, though.
Where now? Salt Lake City, Utah.  Ick.
How ancient? 32
Any progeny? Yup.  4.  Teleri Elayne is 7, Aerin Aviendha is 5, Rhys
David is 3 and Cordelia Elinor is 1.
Religion? Mormon though that's just a nickname (one of those that was
invented to be disparaging, but seems to have stuck).  The actual name
is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which kind of
explains the desire for a nickname).
Occupation? I own a programming company, economy notwithstanding.
First DWJ?  Archer's Goon
Quintessential DWJ? Good question.  I'm not sure that's a useful
Favourite DWJ? In order: Homeward Bounders, Hexwood, Howl's Moving
Castle, Fire and Hemlock
Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life? A fool can learn how.
The root of genius is to learn why.

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