What i dislike about witch week's ending

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Rebecca wrote,

> Ferricide, on the ending of WW
> >yeah, that's basically it. i didn't went to get into spoiling the book,
> >but let's just say that not only do i feel like that's a decision
> >chrestomanci really shouldn't have the power to make, i feel quite
> >cheated on behalf of charles and nan because i know i'd love to do magic.
> >plus, i had come through the book pulling for them so hard, and it ended
> >up being a dissapointment to find out what happens to them.

> The ending really bothered me, because, frnkly, Magic is good 
and burning
> mages, er, witches, is bad.  I guess I wanted a "fairy tale" ending (_Not_
> a Faerie tale ending.  Note the use of 'i'), where witches could practice
> without being persecuted.  And it was just that each of the witches had
> tried so hard for something they were good at, and it was magic, and then
> Chrestomanci took it away from them.  I was very mad at Chrestomanci over
> that... I'm not particularly coherent, right now, sorry. RDG

My answer to this,  in fact continues on from what Paul wrote 
because  I basically agree with him. It wasn't actually Chrestomanci
who brought about the reuniting of the world. And if they hadn't 
done it the authorities in their own world were about to catch up 
with them and they would be, literally, toast.  Unfortunately my 
copy of WW is hiding but iirc not everyone was going to to lose 
their magic. The witchburners, world was attached to Janet's world 
(which is our world), when the two divided, over Guy Fawkes, 
Janet's world was left curiously magicless because all the magic it 
had was contained in the offshoot world of the witchburners. When 
the tewo world's were brought together again (by Nan's actions, as 
well as Charles') things were going to become "as they should have 
been" which means our world with a bit more magic -- more 
witches than we have now but fewer than in the offshoot. Now, as 
Paul pointed out magic for people like Charles and Nan wasn't a 
good thing and  actually inhibited their getting on with the things 
they had rather be doing, but Rebecca is right about the witches 
who had acheived their craft at great effort and cost -- like Brian's 
mother. If I read WW correctly they would have been the kind of 
people who would still be witches in the new world, practising their 
craft in secret but free from persecution. 


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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