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On Fri, 13 Jul 2001 05:13:09 -0000, ¥ ferricide wrote:

>good. i really hope she revisits this universe. by the way, i posted a 
>message on dianawynnejones.com in the ask the author section that hasn't 
>been answered yet .. but what do you guys think? i proposed (or not 
>proposed, exactly, but suspect, maybe) that deep secret, dragon reserve home 
>eight, and hexwood are in the same universe. well, i believe it's been 
>stated for sure that the latter two are. but i'm not sure about DS in 
>relation to them. the only evidence i have is that rupert refers to an 
>"albion" once in DS, IIRC. and, of course, my heart wants it to be true 
>since i adore these three to bits. =)

I don't know about same universe, but it sure would be nice.  :)  My only
disappointment with "Dragon Reserve" is that I wanted it to be a full-length
novel.  It certainly seemed to have enough material for one.  I really
really wished it was a novel, and that wish nagged at me like a toothache
every time I thought about how good the story was.  Weird, huh?  I should
stop destroying my own enjoyment of things.

>oh, and as a back-at-you: i dunno if everyone's had a chance to read it, 
>since i think it's EXTREMELY rare, but i happened to have lucked into a copy 
>of everard's ride. and i really, really like "the true state of affairs." 
>it's terribly different (and depressing). i would actually say i was shocked 
>by it -- i mean, it was a shock to read something in that style. but i do 
>like it very much. i was wondering what everyone else thinks of it.

"True State of Affairs" is one of my favorite stories.  I don't know why.
Probably because the ending was such an unexpected jolt--the title is
horribly accurate on so many levels.  And I like certain kinds of depressing
stories, the ones that leave an ache in my chest for days out of pity and
sorrow for the characters...but I really don't tend to like depressing stuff
much, so I don't know what makes this one different.  I like the way it ties
into Dalemark just a tiny bit--this *is* one of my favorite kinds of
stories, with hinted references to other works, like meeting a stranger who
knows your best friend.

Melissa Proffitt
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