what i dislike about witch week's ending (spoilerish)

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 14 22:29:08 EDT 2001

--- Rebecca Ganetzky <jlynn_cmc_edu at hotmail.com>
> The ending really bothered me, because, frnkly,
> Magic is good and burning 
> mages, er, witches, is bad.  I guess I wanted a
> "fairy tale" ending (_Not_ a 
> Faerie tale ending.  Note the use of 'i'), where
> witches could practice 
> without being persecuted.  And it was just that each
> of the witches had 
> tried so hard for something they were good at, and
> it was magic, and then 
> Chrestomanci took it away from them.  I was very mad
> at Chrestomanci over 
> that...

hmm.  thing is, though, he was very careful to check
with them to make sure that they understood and knew
that that would happen.  they *knew*, and they *chose*
it.  because they had things they were just as good at
in the "new" joined world.  their talent at magic was
sort of funnelled into those other things.

i can see why the reader could feel cheated.  to me,
it seems like a question of revenge versus happiness. 
is it better for the characters to "get revenge" --
i.e., continue to be outsider witches but somehow
become top of the heap instead of bottom -- or to be
"happy" -- become part of a world where they fit in
naturally, but also excel.  it's not possible for them
to be the same people and yet not feel like the
outsiders as witches.  no matter how commonplace and
accepted witches could theoretically become, the scars
of being an outsider would still be there.
so while it may be more satisfying for the reader if
the witches got revenge, i think it's probably better
for the characters if they are instead happy.


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