alternate identity

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Jul 13 15:30:04 EDT 2001

>From: Rebecca Ganetzky <jlynn_cmc_edu at>
>>  I think it's really weird to hear the actual ages and identities of people
>>  on the list.  Am I the youngest person here who is here independently, and
>>  not through a parent?  (I'm 18...and exactly four months.)
>>  -RDG
>Isn't Mayaserana/Jenny 15?
>For the record, I am 37, and I spawned but one replacement, Stephen, now 14.
>Who has not been persuaded to try dwj yet, but loved Belgariad and
>Malloreon, Harry Potters and His Dark Materials.

Well, more revelations.  For some reason I'd thought of your son as 
about 7 or 8.  Dunno why.  How dark *are* Harry's materials, btw?


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