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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sat Jul 14 03:35:56 EDT 2001

Good idea, Ania.  I was just reading over some intros we did about a 
year and a half ago (actually, wasn't that when Amanda joined, and 
wasn't she your friend who introduced you to DWJ and the list?  No 
points deducted for wrong connections, please!) and thinking we 
needed to do something of the sort again soon.

Who? Hallie
Where from? Equal parts Annapolis, Md. US of A and Dublin, Ireland.
Where now? Dublin
How ancient? 43
Any progeny? Becca, 14 (also of this list), and Cara, 11 (also DWJ fan)
Religion (optional, perhaps, but helps with cultural references etc)
Christian. Anglican.  = Church of Ireland over here, Episcopal (like 
Betsy in Betsy-Tacy books) in US.
Occupation? (hollow laugh) Mother.  Crap "housewife" (hate the term 
anyway).  Very, very mature student - Open University, heading for 
Lit degree (but lets not make God laugh).
First DWJ? Lives of Christopher Chant
Quintessential DWJ? er prob. Fire and Hemlock.
Favourite DWJ? Fire and Hemlock, Deep Secret, Howl's Moving Castle, 
with a good few hovering just below that "favourite"!
Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life? Dammit, Ania - this 
was so easy up til now!  Can I borrow a paraphrased hero business 
means not worrying about how you appear to other people?  I like 
yours, too, though, and I'm morally certain I could come up with 
something perfect from Jane Austen, given a bit of thought.


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