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Fri Jul 13 12:41:47 EDT 2001

Sayth ¥ Ferricide:
>good. i really hope she revisits this universe. by the way, i posted a
>message on dianawynnejones.com in the ask the author section that hasn't
>been answered yet .. but what do you guys think? i proposed (or not
>proposed, exactly, but suspect, maybe) that deep secret, dragon reserve 
>eight, and hexwood are in the same universe. well, i believe it's been
>stated for sure that the latter two are. but i'm not sure about DS in
>relation to them. the only evidence i have is that rupert refers to an
>"albion" once in DS, IIRC. and, of course, my heart wants it to be true
>since i adore these three to bits. =)

Me too!  I haven't seen anyone mention Dragon Reserve, World 8 here.  (I got 
turned off from it for awhile because it sounds like Dragonball Z :s )  and 
Hexwood and DS seem similiar n nature, but not DRW8...although it could be 
from the same world system.  But I think DS Hexwood, F&H, and SWM and Witch 
week, for that matter, have more in common as world systems (I, for one, am 
very fond of SWM).  They all have the world without overt Magic, magic is a 
secret, but people practice it covertly quite often.
I had a grand conspiracy theory that connected all of the DWJ books, before 
CofD came out, and CofD was exactly what I'd been expecting, so I wrote a 
letter to her asking.  She was very cold, in a polite way, but then we were 
just kids, too.
I found Everard's Ride to be slow, but worth it...but I've never reread it.
Has anyone here read Yes, Dear?  It took me ages to find a copy to read, but 
It seemed to be pretty standard boilr plate.  I was dissapointed.
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