what i dislike about witch week's ending (spoilerish)

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 13 12:34:37 EDT 2001

Ferricide, on the ending of WW
>yeah, that's basically it. i didn't went to get into spoiling the book, but
>let's just say that not only do i feel like that's a decision chrestomanci
>really shouldn't have the power to make, i feel quite cheated on behalf of
>charles and nan because i know i'd love to do magic. plus, i had come
>through the book pulling for them so hard, and it ended up being a
>dissapointment to find out what happens to them.
The ending really bothered me, because, frnkly, Magic is good and burning 
mages, er, witches, is bad.  I guess I wanted a "fairy tale" ending (_Not_ a 
Faerie tale ending.  Note the use of 'i'), where witches could practice 
without being persecuted.  And it was just that each of the witches had 
tried so hard for something they were good at, and it was magic, and then 
Chrestomanci took it away from them.  I was very mad at Chrestomanci over 
I'm not particularly coherent, right now, sorry.
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