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Fri Jul 13 08:08:11 EDT 2001

  I feel queer, as if I'd met an alternate identity!  I'm 40, but my eldest is 
  12, and I have lots of younger ones -- 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, 1 -- and I'm 
  expecting.  It's mind-boggling to consider someone the same age who has done 
  with the most time-intensive part of child-raising.  Like we're in different 

  Well, Esther, I find it mind-boggling to think of someone pushing my age who is expecting! My son has been a working man for two years. He's a techie in the airforce, so we see him only occasionally. I'm sad about that, but we talk on the phone and by email at least once a week.

  Teg, my daughter, is a receptionist for a communications firm.  The two of them were, and are, chalk and cheese, so I often speculate on what any others we might have had would have been like. I was terrible at pregnancy... went into proper malnutrition each time, so we didn't have more than the two.

  Sally, are your kids dwj fans?  

  James liked them when he was younger, and recently read DEEP SECRET. He's a fantasy reader, but not a *huge* DWJ fan. He seems to favour long novels and series, but not the interminable type. Teg doesn't like fantasy, which I'm sorry about. We don't share any kind of tatse in reading matter - she likes depressing stories. I asked her why and she said she likes to read about characters "much worse off than I am". Now me, I hate depressing books and prefer fantasy to realism. In fact, I find fanasy is usually *more* real than "realism", since realism is often carefully filleted out so only the depressing bit is aired.
  I'm glad your kids are carrying the banner though! Would you tell me their names? Not for any sinister reason, I just collect good names and use them for characters!


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