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Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed Jul 11 01:23:59 EDT 2001

OK -

> hexwood (19) - my top favorite DWJ books.

I like it a lot, but find the extended Arthurian bits a bit saggy.

> sudden wild magic (21) - well, this isn't exactly a *favorite* of mine but
> it seems to me the list is underrating it.

I like this one very well... esp. the congo-line scene.

> dogsbody (17) -
> Ogre Downstairs

I've always thought of these two as apprentice pieces... "quite good" (I was
a patronising teen!) but "could do better"! When Power of Three came out I
thought she *had* "done better" but the last 1/3 fell down badly (my

> aunt (slash black) maria (21) - i like this one quite well.

I like it, but not a top favourite.

> witch week (15)

Not wild on this one.

> deep secret (22) - i haven't seen anyone talking about this one. i adore
> to bits.

One of my top favourites! I love it.
My other favourites are Howl's Moving Castle and Fire and Hemlock.

> say that my favorite dalemark book is definitely the spellcoats, though.

For some reason I can't get along with the Dalemark books...

I think my favourites list goes like this
Howl + Fire + Secret (3 way tie)
Hexwood + Magic +Archer's Goon +The Year of the Griffin
Maria + A Tale of Time City + Dark Lord of Derkholm.

Or, more or less....


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