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Thu Jul 12 20:35:55 EDT 2001

E.L. Buchanan wrote
> About 7 years ago, I am now 19, my father bought me the series of Dalemark 
> books at a book fair. I read them in a matter of days and have since devoured

Welcome to the list, I do envy you getting all the Dalemark books 
at once. How did the CoD appendix, with the eventual fates of 
many characters, strike you? 

> any dwj I could get my hands on although before the recent republishing 
> finding them was difficult. Along with Hexwood and F&H these remain my 
> favourites although I also like her adult books. I can honestly say there are
> no 
> dwj books I haven't enjoyed and when an internet search came up with this 
> discussion group I couldn't believe how many people love her books like I do
> and how many of the comments in teh archive struck a chord with me.
That's how I felt when I found it.
 I don't
> feel so bad now about having an entire shelf devoted to her books and getting
> pitying looks from people who have never read her when I explain they are 
> childrens books and then try to describe how good they are but just look like
> I 
> am justifying reading childrens books at my age.

I thought dear old Harry Potter was supposed to have put a stop to 
that sort of predujice these days <g>.  Me I have shelves of kid's 

> PS Is it only me that gets a thrill in a book shop when they find a book they
> have never read?

Um you mean that book you've been looking for or that book you 
would have been looking for had you known it existed ? I mean 
most of the books i've never read wouldn't do it for me (principles of 
electrical engineering anyone?). I do know that thrill. Does anyone 
else find that sometimes rereading just won't do and you just have 
to have a new book?

magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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