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Hi Ferricide and welcome you wrote
> dogsbody (17) - uck. i haven't been able to get myself to reread 
this one. 
> what i found to be heavyhanded messages about prejudice spoiled it for me. 
> and i don't like dogs. =)

I forgive Dwj the heavy handedness of the message as it was one 
of her earlier books and I don't think she'd quite worked out how to 
internalise thsi sort of stuff. It's not an all time favourite for me but I 
liked it even back when I didn't like dogs much. The cats in this 
book are superb and Sirius isn't treally a dog of course. I've always 
thought Dwj is a cat person at heart but doesn't mind writing 
something for the doglovers now and then. On a quick count I think 
she has written three books with significant dogs to eight with cats 
and the last three, Deep Secret, Dark Lord and Griffin contain 
whole menageries. She is very good at writing about anuimals 

> aunt (slash black) maria (21) - i like this one quite well. it's also not a 
> favorite, but i would rank it in the better half of her books. i guess i 
> just go in for the ones with a girl main character among other things. and i 
> like subversion as a theme. =)

I'm with you on that one, Dwj definitely doesn't think you should 
obey rules jsut because they're there.

> witch week (15) - this is the only book with chrestomanci in it that i don't 
> particularly like (well, not counting mixed magics, the two new stories in 
> which were somewhat of a disappointment for me) .. mainly because of the 
> ending. in fact, i pretty much adore it up until the ending. when we got a 
> new cat a week after my reread of it i quickly christened her dulcinea,

Cool name. There's a whole thread back in the archives somewhere 
about our pet's names.
> fact. more surprisingly, the name stuck! digression aside, the ending really 
> irked me. i felt really betrayed on behalf of the characters. maybe i missed 
> something.

Can you explain a bit more about why?

> deep secret (22) - i haven't seen anyone talking about this one. i adore it 
> to bits. rupert is a character that's basically unlike any of DWJ's 
> previous, especially with the book being told from his perspective. and i 
> seriously go in for maree as well. the multi-world thing is one of my 
> favorites, the interwoven plot about the koryfidan (i know i spelt that 
> wrong!) empire... i just adore it. and it makes me want to inch closer to 
> going to a con in the UK just to meet DWJ. =)

I agree it's a great book, I'm one of Rupert's fans, even if he is a 
prat. These things come in phases, there was a big DS discussion 
a while back and maybe it's time for another one.

magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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