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Neil wrote
> The only DWJs I've read that I really didn't like are some of the short
> stories, as I've mentioned here before.  I found some in Minor Arcana to be
> rather tedious, although it was interesting spotting the birth of ideas the
> author explored more fully later on.

We don't talk much about the short stories. My favourites are What 
the Cat Told Me and No One,  they have the engaging characters, 
clever plotting and humour of classic Dwj. I'm also quite fond of 
Warlock at the Wheel and Nad and Dan and Quaffy. I find the True 
State of Affairs too bleak in its betrayal, but it is very good,  it 
reminds me very much of 60s and 70s Ursula K LeGuin. Somre of 
the other stories do seem a bit like truncated experiments, as Neil 
says you can often see the shape of something to come. The story 
I just don't get on with is The Master, which I just don't get , or see 
the point of at all.

I think Stealer of Souls (from Mixed Magics) may yet be a grower 
for me, I do like the ending. I've a question to Diana
about this on the website at the moment.

magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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