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Wed Jul 11 17:25:36 EDT 2001

Wow - two newcomers in one day!  I'm sure this is not the only place 
on the net where you'd find everybody saying it's NOT only you that 
gets a thrill in a book shop - many thrills, more likely.  But it may 
be one of the relatively smaller number of places where there'd be 
shock and horror that you might even conceivably feel bad about 
having a shelf devoted to DWJ books!  Ours is the top shelf of the 
bookcase right beside the computer, in the living room, btw. 
Although of course at any given moment there are a few beside 
somebody's bed, at the dining room table, etc.  Or on loan to 
somebody, as we try to make new addicts. :)

Welcome, anyway!


>About 7 years ago, I am now 19, my father bought me the series of Dalemark
>books at a book fair. I read them in a matter of days and have since devoured
>any dwj I could get my hands on although before the recent republishing
>finding them was difficult. Along with Hexwood and F&H these remain my
>favourites although I also like her adult books. I can honestly say there are
>dwj books I haven't enjoyed and when an internet search came up with this
>discussion group I couldn't believe how many people love her books like I do
>and how many of the comments in teh archive struck a chord with me. I don't
>feel so bad now about having an entire shelf devoted to her books and getting
>pitying looks from people who have never read her when I explain they are
>childrens books and then try to describe how good they are but just look like
>am justifying reading childrens books at my age.
>PS Is it only me that gets a thrill in a book shop when they find a book they
>have never read?

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