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wow. i find this list of what books people do and do not like rather 
intruiging, because some people have had such opposite reactions to books 
than i have had. so i'll spell out of a little of my opinions just to mix it 
up a bit. feel free to ignore or reply as you so desire. =)
oh, as an added bonus i'll add in my age when i first read the book, as that 
might have something to do with it. for reference, i turned 24 on 6 june 
2001. =)

hexwood (19) - this one totally blew my mind. i do not know how anyone can 
dislike it. its complexly-woven narrative and characters wowed me utterly, 
and it's still one of my top favorite DWJ books.

sudden wild magic (21) - well, this isn't exactly a *favorite* of mine but 
it seems to me the list is underrating it. i quite enjoy zillah as a 
character, and i like the little mixture of adult situations that add to its 
emotional depth.

dogsbody (17) - uck. i haven't been able to get myself to reread this one. 
what i found to be heavyhanded messages about prejudice spoiled it for me. 
and i don't like dogs. =)

aunt (slash black) maria (21) - i like this one quite well. it's also not a 
favorite, but i would rank it in the better half of her books. i guess i 
just go in for the ones with a girl main character among other things. and i 
like subversion as a theme. =)

the ogre downstairs (21) - i note that people seem to REALLY like this one. 
i feel a bit of a traitor to the cause by, well, not. i didn't like it that 
much at all. and when i tried to pick it up and reread it recently i put it 
down after one chapter. it has very samey characters to other DWJ books, 
minus the depth. imo. it's like the DWJ sitcom or something.

witch week (15) - this is the only book with chrestomanci in it that i don't 
particularly like (well, not counting mixed magics, the two new stories in 
which were somewhat of a disappointment for me) .. mainly because of the 
ending. in fact, i pretty much adore it up until the ending. when we got a 
new cat a week after my reread of it i quickly christened her dulcinea, in 
fact. more surprisingly, the name stuck! digression aside, the ending really 
irked me. i felt really betrayed on behalf of the characters. maybe i missed 

deep secret (22) - i haven't seen anyone talking about this one. i adore it 
to bits. rupert is a character that's basically unlike any of DWJ's 
previous, especially with the book being told from his perspective. and i 
seriously go in for maree as well. the multi-world thing is one of my 
favorites, the interwoven plot about the koryfidan (i know i spelt that 
wrong!) empire... i just adore it. and it makes me want to inch closer to 
going to a con in the UK just to meet DWJ. =)

on other topics, i can't contribute to my feeling of crown of the dalemark 
because for some reason the details flow out of my head .. i've read it 
twice, but i can't remember most of what happens in it all the same. i will 
say that my favorite dalemark book is definitely the spellcoats, though.

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