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Ven said...
> Cof D is definitely one of my "growers". It was a long time comingI
> and I think when I first read it it suffered from the years of
> anticipation and the way I had got to know the characters and
> setting through many rereadings.

Ah, well, now that may go some way towards explaining things.  You see, I
read "Drowned Ammet" several times from the library, but the library didn't
have any of the rest of the series.  I didn't get to read "The Spellcoats"
and "Cart and Cwidder" until all three books were reissued and "Crown of
Dalemark" came out first, at which point I bought all four, and read the lot
in one fell swoop.  So I didn't have those years of anticipation.

> I think there is a genuine problem
> with the set up part of the pplot. The device whereby Maewen
> replaced Noreth strikes me as rather clumsy and I've never liked
> getting to know a character in chapter one only to have them go
> and die.

Well, I agree with you that Noreth got a damn' raw deal...I didn't find
Maewen's arrival on the scene all that clumsy, though.

> Dorian
> > >The one I really don't like at all is "Cart and Cwidder", which just
> > >me as dull.  Nothing much seems to really happen, and as far as I'm
> > >concerned, its only reason for existence is to provide necessary
> > >for "The Crown of Dalemark".
> More outraged yelps: "Nothing happens? Nothing happens! There's
> so much I'm going to have to put a spoiler warning!

Well, yes, okay, I grant you, all that stuff (that I've snipped) does
happen.  But for some reason, it still *feels* to me like a book in which
nothing much happens.  I don't know.  I think part of it is that I read all
four of the series in one go (it had been years since I'd had "Drowned
Ammet" out of the library), and for me, "Crown of Dalemark" was the best,
closely followed by "The Spellcoats".  I'm not sure, maybe those two
overshadowed "Cart and Cwidder" for me.  Or maybe it's just that I could
never get particularly interested in any of the characters.  Or possibly a
combination.  At any rate, C&C is still my absolute least favourite DWJ

(back on CoD)
> > And...and...and...I just love it.  It's a buttercup-yellow book. :-)
> I absolutley agree, except I think there's some very nice fresh
> green in there too.

Yes, you're right.  That improbable green of brand-new spring leaves. :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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