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kleio at gmx.net kleio at gmx.net
Tue Jul 10 12:01:12 EDT 2001

Hi everybody,

Since I had a lot of work to do during the semester,  I've been lurking during
the last couple of weeks.

But now something important has happend: I've finally read Howl's Moving Castle!
>From the time I rediscovered DWJ I left myself a few "goodies" to read later,
and as my workload seemed to reach the peak, I thought now it's time, and bought
Hexwood and HMC. Imagine me, sitting on my couch, going: "Hmm, which one
first..." What a delicious decision.

Actually, I thought I'd start them both (yes, I admit, I'm greedy) but after the
first pages I was lost. Should I mention it's not such a good idea to read a
whole night when one has lots of work to do... :-)

Now I reread bits and parts. And I've decided not to touch Hexwood until the
holidays start.


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