Bread Pudding or Rather Brussels Sprouts

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Sun Jul 8 21:10:32 EDT 2001

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>Aha, there are two kinds of tapioca: flakes, which produce a nice 
>creamy pudding, like your mum's and mine, and  just plain tapioca 
>which does contain these big translucent lumps of stuff (which look 
>the way you imagine sheep's eyeballs do) and go down in a rather 
>slithery way, my Auntie disconcerted me with that type once . The 
>latter must have been what poor Sarah Shears was made to eat. 
>I've a feeling flakes are all you would find these days. 

You'ld be wrong. It comes in beads of several different sizes, over here. I 
gather the "frog spawn" effect must be the point. Never heard of tapioca 
flakes. Must just be on your side of the pond...
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