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Sun Jul 8 19:32:47 EDT 2001

I wrote

>  . The dictionary says broad beans are the "common 
> > bean" and lima beans are similar to french beans (it doesn't help 
> > that french beans certainly didn't come form france origianlly but 
> > lima beans may well have come form Lima). 
and Jill wrote
> Now I am very confused as I've heard of "french green beans" which are a 
> thinner green bean.  Lima beans are shelled, like peas.  Are French beans 
> shelled too? 

Not as far as I know, I'm really confused now too.

I've just stirred myself to a web search, here's what I found out:

Broad beans are Vicia Faba, and are basically the same as fava 
beans. Lima beams are Phaseouleus lunatus and are what Brits 
call butterbeans. I've only ever had them dried ior tinned and think 
they are horrible, one source said they are starchier than broad or 
fava beans. is a useful site for 
comparitive Brtitish/US cookery terms amnd measurements.

Doesn't it make you feel better to know that :-}


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