Brussels Sprouts was re Bread Pudding

Ven ven at
Sun Jul 8 19:02:15 EDT 2001

Irina wrote

> > I beg to differ. It's a small and pleasant vegetable unless
> > overcooked. They should be bright green, not grey-brown.

Jill replied
> ROFL  Maybe I should try brussel sprouts again...  I always say that I 
> dislike them , but I haven't had them in a while.  I've discovered that I 
> enjoy a lot of vegetables that my mother ruined for me by overcooking.
Sprouts always taste better after the first frost (some sort of natural 
vegetable antifreeze which contains sugars). Also, though 
overcooking is bad, they're pretty horrid undercooked imo, I was 
taught to cut a cross into the stem end to ensure even cooking. 


"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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