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I assume it's ok to post this as long as it's credited - Dave 
Langford, Ansible 168

DIANA WYNNE JONES denies -- `not roundly, but with Spikes. And grace
notes, most of them obscene' -- that she has any intention whatever of
writing, now or ever, anything even slightly resembling an eighth Narnia
book, no matter what it may say in _The Independent_. The fuss about
HarperCollins/Lewis Estate plans for de-Christianized Narnia spinoffs
began with a leaked HC memo: `We'll need to be able to give emphatic
assurances that no attempt will be made to correlate the stories to
Christian imagery/theology.' _Private Eye_ (15 June) gleefully revealed
that C.S.Lewis's stepson and executor Douglas Gresham wrote very firmly
in 1998: `The policy [of the Lewis estate] is that no sequels or new
Narnian chronicle stories will be permitted to be published. There are
many reasons for this, but the most important is that Jack [Lewis]
himself told me that there should be no more of them. [...] He said that
all that should be said about Narnia had been said and there was an end
of it.' Presumably a secret codicil to Lewis's will overrides these
wishes should huge enough pots of money become involved.


I'd seen the furore about the Narnia books, but not seen DWJ 
mentioned in the context.  <shudders>

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