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Anita, in reply to I'm not sure who:

>> While I think of it, another Tepper book that I liked, even 
>> though I disagreed
>> with its central doctrine, was one (can't remember the title) 
>> in which the
>> inhabitants of a (human) colony let the native creatures do 
>> unspeakable things
>> to them because of a promise of reincarnation as an 
>> (immortal) native.  These
>> natives also turned out to be the larval (not quite right, 
>> but can't think of a
>> better word) form of a creature of which a plague was being 
>> suffered on another
>> colony planet.  Can anyone remember what that was called?

N-n-n-n-no!  That was Shadow's End.  Though come to think of it, there
were some very similar plot elements... Hrm.  Wow, those two books get
more similar by the second now that I've thought about them together,
when I would *never* have said they were alike before.  (Incidentally,
while I liked both I much prefer Grass- I sympathize more with

Some spoilers:

Anyway, the main difference is that on Grass the humans were controlled
by the natives without realizing it, while in Shadow's End the humans
verated the "natives" (I seem to recall that they weren't actually any
more native to that planet than the humans were) and were basically
allowed to exist by the mature non-human critters because the human
colony's purpose was to take care of the larval non-human critters (on
slightly false pretenses).

Back to lurking...

Courtney (who's caught up on her mail for the first time in months.
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