Brussels Sprouts was re Bread Pudding

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Thu Jul 5 20:56:18 EDT 2001

I just  wrote "Dread Pudding", oh lol One of Mrs Thirsk's perhaps?

(I'll just apologise for my poor proof reading today, my eyes are 
playing up, so i'm looking at the screen as little as possible).

Dorian wrote:

> Irina took issue with my definition of a brussels sprout...
> >
> > > A small and unpleasant vegetable
> >
> > I beg to differ. It's a small and pleasant vegetable unless
> > overcooked. They should be bright green, not grey-brown.
> I don't care what colour it is.  I don't like it.  I also don't like
> cabbage.  Or spinach.  Or turnips.  Or swedes.  Or...oh, I'm not going to
> give you a list of the vegetables I dislike.  It's fairly lengthy. :-)

They are almost all brassicas, and brassicas contain a harmless 
chemical called PTC which most people can't taste but if you can 
it's unpleasantly bitter. It's a genetic thing -- my brother and I can 
both taste it. the general rule for leaf brassicas is the darker the 
green the more PTC. I seem to have become more tolerant as I've 
got older -- I used to only eat white cabbage, now I've graduated to 
savoys as well <g>. i do like brussels sproutas but only if they are 
small and quite yellow. Mum used to buy this stuff called spring 
greens -- a sort of coarse, very dark loose leaved cabbage stuff. Ii 
thought it the vilest thing she ever cooked -- worse than tinned 
peaches! I haven't seen the stuff for years -- has it gone, or is it just 
that you don't get it up North?

> On the other hand, I'm very fond of cauliflower, and of most pulses (except
> butter beans).
> But brussels sprouts deserve to be described by Nan Pilgrim! (hah! DWJ ref!)
> :-)


"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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