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> Ros said...
> >
> > I very much enjoyed "Waking the Moon", which I viewed as not so much a
> > misrepresentation of Paganism and feminism, as an imaginative exercise:
Dorian replied

> Oh, now don't get me wrong; I do like "Waking the Moon", quite a lot.  I
> also think it's quite accurate in what it depicts, but it only depicts a
> very narrow strand of Paganism and feminism.  Of course, the other strands
> of both are not relevant to the story, and would have no business in there -
> but I do sometimes get worried that people who don't know much about
> Paganism or feminism might read the book and think that what's depicted
> there is the be-all and end-all of them.

I'm not sure it's a book that people who don't know much  about 
paganism or feminism would read. Big spoiler coming up.........


                      and the middle, and the beginning

I feel that what became of Oliver (that was his name?) went quite a 
way toward redressing the balance in favour of the benevolent face 
of the Goddess. In one sense he did die, as everyone thought he 
had, only to be reborn, purged of his torments. He made the 
traditional sacrifice to Cybele (testicles (and all the rest)) and got 
himself a new life. 
> > I read in an interview
> > of Hand that the whole idea was stimulated by historiacal reading and
> > research that seemed to suggest that the ancient goddess cults actually
> > contained cruel and dark practices such as the sacrifice of men.
> Yes, I think some, at least, of them did.  I think she's got all her
> historical and ritual stuff pretty accurate, if not at all pretty. :-)
> > Maybe after reading this historical stuff she felt
> > annoyed by what she might have then seen as the idealisation by some
> > feminists of ancient cultures thought to be ruled by women?
> Grin.  Plausible theory.  I find that kind of idealisation pretty
> irritating, anyhow. 

Archaeologists hate it too. 


"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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