Bread Pudding or Rather Brussels Sprouts

Ven ven at
Thu Jul 5 19:59:26 EDT 2001

Irina wrote
> I don't remember ever having been punished for not finishing a
> *dessert*

My parents did this once, they made me sit at the table until I had 
finished my tinned peaches. They appeared to be very indignant 
because tinned peaches were a "treat" (oh how the food tastes of 
the British have changed). I still can't see why I couldn't have given 
them to my brother. I wouldn't even try a fresh peach for years, 
even when they did become available and I was astonished-- 
pleasantly -- when I finally did. I suppose even the best of parents 
get bees in their bonnets on occasion.

 - then again, we never had bread pudding for dessert at

> Brussels sprouts - I had to eat as many as I was years old, and 
> I was about eight I had acquired the taste and wanted a full plate.
> Same with broad beans. My kids have always liked both sprouts and
> broad beans, so I never had to use that system. When they don't like
> something, they have to taste a little bit to see if "their taste has
> grown up" - my middle one (almost six) recently learned to like
> spinach that way.
That sounds like a good regime.


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Samuel R Delany
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