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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Thu Jul 5 18:08:21 EDT 2001

Ania said...

> I sort of agree, but I am not sure whether I can actually be bothered to
> keep rereading Hexwood. I read it twice and it hasn't made me go wow,
> F&H and DS which did the first time and every time thereafter.
Well, on first reading, "Hexwood" made me sort of go wow.  The sort of "wow,
I think this will be deeply cool when I get the hang of it" wow.  To me, F&H
and DS were very much easier books, because they're both apparently simple
stories.  I need(ed) to reread F&H a lot to get the ending...I've got it,
now, I think, but only in instinctive terms; I couldn't explain the ending
to anyone.  DS, to me, is even simpler; it doesn't *need* rereadings,
there's nothing there (I don't think - there probably is, but I didn't spot
it!) that I don't get.  I just reread it lots because I like it lots.  I
reread F&H lots because I like it lots *and* because I'm still working on
the ending a little.  I will reread "Hexwood" lots because I like it and I
*know* there's stuff in there that I still haven't got.

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