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Ven said...

> How can anyone not like Cart and Cwidder!? Or, for that matter
> what's so good about A Tale of Time City?

Well, I explained why I don't much like "Cart and Cwidder".  As for "A Tale
of Time City", that's one of those "it's okay but I don't re-read it too
often" ones.  Though I do love Viv's "translation" in it!  It's like those
awful translation software packages. :-)
> Don't answer unless you really feel you have to, those were just
> incredulous yelps. Until this thread started I hadn't noticed that we
> were getting perilously close to some sort of DWJ canon (a bad
> thing IMO).

We have a "canon"??  I missed that bit!  But then, I'm a contrary cow, and I
like what I like and don't like what I don't like, and to hell (or to
Connaught) with what anyone says I "should" like.

> In common with quite a few people iirc
> I still just don't get Hexwood, I find it awkward and unappealing.

"Hexwood", to me, is like "A Sudden Wild Magic" in that it keeps doing
things I didn't expect it to, and it's like "Fire and Hemlock" in that it
requires multiple readings, but even more so than F&H.  I don't think it's
going to make proper sense to me until I've read it often enough that I've
practically memorised it (I only got it last winter, and after two readings
I lent it to my mother, who hasn't given it back yet!).  I think I like it,
but I know I don't get it properly yet.

> I'm
> also not so fond of Wild Robert and  Wilkin's Tooth (don't expect
> much argument here).

Haven't read "Wild Robert".  "Wilkin's Tooth" is fun when I'm in the right
mood, but I'm in the right mood less often than I am for, say, "The Ogre
Downstairs" (which, for some reason, I categorise with WT).

> Two of my top favourites (5 in each column), Fire and Hemlock and
> Eight Days of Luke should come as no surprise.

I'll join you on that!  "Eight Days of Luke" is one of my more recent
(within last two-three years) acquisitions, and I haven't read it as often
as I have many of the others.  But I do love it, a lot.  Especially how she
works Luke's "tasks" into the sort-of real world.  The bikers in the arcade
are wonderful!  And Luke's relations are so wonderfully horrible.  And,
going back to an old thread, much more realistically horrible than Harry
Potter's relations.

> However I
> surprised myself, after all the other Chrestomanci books got
> "double 4s" by giving The Magicians of Caprona top marks. But I
> really do love that book.

I dither about the Chrestomanci books - I do love all of them ("Charmed
Life" was my first DWJ, back when I was about 9), but I can never decide
which is the best.  I think "The Magicians of Caprona" must have been my
second DWJ; I read a lot of them from the library, and I'm sure it didn't
have "Witch Week" (and "The Lives of Christopher Chant" wasn't even written
back then!)
> The biggest grower was Power of Three. I read this quite early on,
> when I was still getting DWJs from the library, with a preconception
> that I was sick of reading books in which "everything had to happen
> in threes" and quite missed all the subtlety.

Yes, that was another of my early ones, from the library (along with
"Drowned Ammet", "Dogsbody" and "The Time of the Ghost").  In fact, I rather
think that at that point, I didn't really believe that these books existed
anywhere outside of my local library.  I never looked for them in bookshops
for several years.  I did like PoT straight off, but not as much as I did
TotG.  PoT was a bit of a grower for me, too.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
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"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can do is
to shut up!"
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