Bread pudding, or rather Brussel sprouts

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Thu Jul 5 14:28:38 EDT 2001

Irina sayth:
>Brussels sprouts - I had to eat as many as I was years old, and when
>I was about eight I had acquired the taste and wanted a full plate.
>Same with broad beans. My kids have always liked both sprouts and
>broad beans, so I never had to use that system. When they don't like
>something, they have to taste a little bit to see if "their taste has
>grown up" - my middle one (almost six) recently learned to like
>spinach that way.
Yes, I always had to take "two bites" but I'm insanely stubborn, so I would 
claim to hate things no matter how much I liked them...until broccoli (one 
day I had this desire to eat broccoli, I just had to.  I'd never agreed to 
eat it before and all of a sudden I liked it...weird.) But anyway, I meant 
to ask: what exactly is a brussel sprout?  as far as I know I've never seen 
one or eaten one (although if they look like other sprouts I might have, I'm 
a sprout freak.)
-Rebecca, who is very confused as to the ways of vegetables.
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