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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jul 5 08:11:09 EDT 2001

This is weird!  I wrote this yesterday in answer to Dorian, but 
didn't post it off because of ...  oh, things going seriously SNAFU. 
(With scare quotes around the normal there.)  Then saw Ven talking 
about the canon of DWJ as well. Synchronicity or chanelling???


>Uhhhh...what's wrong with like "The Crown of Dalemark"?  That's one of my
>favourites!  "Black Maria" counts, for me, as one of those ones that are
>sort of interesting, but not one that I want to re-read particularly often.
>"Dogsbody" ditto (I don't even own a copy, though I do intend to buy it when
>I have some spare cash).  "A Sudden Wild Magic" has its moments, but keeps
>going and doing things that I didn't want it to.

Oh, I don't think there's anything wrong with liking TCoD myself. 
People here were just so eloquent about the reasons it wasn't as good 
as others in the series that I felt out on a literary judgment limb. 
Sort of the list-approved canon of DWJ.  :)

>The one I really don't like at all is "Cart and Cwidder", which just strikes
>me as dull.  Nothing much seems to really happen, and as far as I'm
>concerned, its only reason for existence is to provide necessary background
>for "The Crown of Dalemark".
>Then there's "Archer's Goon".  Most DWJ fans (including the rest of my
>family) rave about this one.  Yes, it's good.  It's funny, it's well put
>together, it works really well (and it gave my family the phrase "the
>everything-but drawer).  But in my view, it isn't as good as "Fire and
>Hemlock" (my utter favourite) or "Howl's Moving Castle" or "The Time of the
>Ghost" or "Power of Three".

Well, I don't like it as much as F&H or HMC, either - but that would 
be hard!  Still love it.  _Power of Three_? There's my ugly 
confession.  I didn't like that one at all.  I read it out loud to 
Becca and neither of us could muster enough interest to finish it, 
which we passed off as merely being a question of its not reading 
well aloud.  But then I felt morally obliged to make myself finish it 
and I *still* couldn't get into it.  Again, people are so eloquent 
about how wonderful it is that I'm sure this must be my weirdness, 
but that doesn't mean I can force myself to find my way to liking it. 
Haven't even been able to force myself to try another read.

We do have some sort of excuse in only discovering DWJ a few years 
ago, so there hasn't been all that much time to put books aside for a 
few years and then come back and appreciate them more.  Especially 
when many rereads are *required* of _Fire & Hemlock_ and Howl and 
_Deep Secret_ and LoCC and....


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