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Wed Jul 4 20:35:42 EDT 2001

How can anyone not like Cart and Cwidder!? Or, for that matter 
what's so good about A Tale of Time City?

Don't answer unless you really feel you have to, those were just 
incredulous yelps. Until this thread started I hadn't noticed that we 
were getting perilously close to some sort of DWJ canon (a bad 
thing IMO). Um, as my signature quote says. Really I'm shocked 
that anyone thinks they should feel apologetic for not liking, say, 
Time of the Ghost,  just because some of us keep banging on 
about how good they are.

I've just been working on a little ranking system -- giving books a 
score from one to five in two columns, the first for how a book 
struck me on first reading and the second for what I think now. A 
lot of the books are "growers". Time City is the only one that 
actually goes down............  In common with quite a few people iirc 
I still just don't get Hexwood, I find it awkward and unappealing. I'm 
also not so fond of Wild Robert and  Wilkin's Tooth (don't expect 
much argument here). I was going to put  A Sudden Wild Magic in 
the not-so- fond- of, because I don't think it really comes off but I 
kept remembering things about it that I do like (or didn't in a 
delicious way, like the horrendous Paulie).

Two of my top favourites (5 in each column), Fire and Hemlock and 
Eight Days of Luke should come as no surprise. However I 
surprised myself, after all the other Chrestomanci books got 
"double 4s" by giving The Magicians of Caprona top marks. But I 
really do love that book. 

The biggest grower was Power of Three. I read this quite early on, 
when I was still getting DWJs from the library, with a preconception 
that I was sick of reading books in which "everything had to happen 
in threes" and quite missed all the subtlety. 


"Any reader has the right to say of any text: "But I didn't think it was that good."

Samuel R Delany
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